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Speed Challenge - Radio Controlled Speed Sailing

The 3 Meter R/C Challange is a very exciting, ambitious project that we have made significant progress on so far. We have reached the point where we can see that can fully acomplish what we have set out to do. We need supporters, both big and small, to support the construction of worlds fastest R/C Speed Sailing that may be the first ever R/C to reach high speeds.

Our electronic systems on the R/C Challangeare straightforward but can be advanced. But with proper funding there is much we could do. So that's it. We need your help to buld our 3 meter sailboat. We know that you are going to love to see our videos of record breaking sailing and we can't wait for you to see it!

The Project:

The Project is to make the worlds fastest R/C Speed Sailing, please help me make this world speed record happen. The yellow boat is a small scale prototype, it's just a prototype of the LARGER project. We have been testing with it and now we know what we need to do, to move forward.

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